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Court Mandated Services

For over seven years Victoria’s course has transformed thousands of lives through court appointed programs

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Groups & Workshops

Victoria has been motivating successful habits with teams and individuals for over twelve years.

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I have been motivating successful habits with teams and individuals for over twelve years.

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“Transformational Life Skills provides participants with tools, systems, education, and skills necessary to set healthy boundaries, control anger, deal with social situations and skills to solve the everyday problems of life.”


About Me

Victoria Carlyle

Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Victoria uses her own life experiences, extensive training as an emotional educator, and her degree in psychology to help others overcome the emotional patterns that sabotage their happiness and growth. Her down-to-earth approach has helped thousands of individuals recognize and accept the ways they inadvertently give their power away to destructive thinking, long-held fears, unconscious beliefs, and unresolved pain.


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Successful Stories

My purpose for attending was to understand those I serve, and walked away having a better understanding of myself.


Chase Carlson Snowflake Police Department

The ideas and suggestions in The Power to Change are certainly worthy of attention, but it is the speakers own experiences, her vulnerability and raw honesty that make this training remarkable. Thank you, Victoria, for opening a new level of possibility!

Irene Lebedies, PhD, Confidence Point Coaching

Victoria Exceeded our expectations! Her message was insightful, energetic and contagious which kept the whole audience engaged. We will definitely be working with her again.

Joyce Christy

I attended a conference where I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting Victoria Carlyle. She was energetic, humorous and had the whole audience engaged. Her message made a deep impression that changed the way I look at myself and my life. I grew up believing that men showing emotions is a sure sign of weakness. Victoria helped me to realize that it is not my emotions that create the problem, it’s the stories that I tell myself based on my past experiences that create feelings of despair. I now have the knowledge to interrupt my stories based on emotions and look at the facts. I wish I would have heard her message twenty years ago.

Jerry Dunn, Legal Shield Associate

Jerry Dunn

Your Daily Motivation Quote

“Out of your deepest wound in life calls forth your greatest gift to share.” ~Jeffrey Van Dyk